Fall 2019

Thanks to God's blessings for your support to mision para Cristo being in Nicaragua and Honduras for 22 years!

Dear Friends:

On October 27th, we celebrated 22 years being in Nicaragua. We thank you for your support of the mission in Nicaragua/Honduras and for your part that helps us do what we do. And again, for that, we thank God for your continued support.

On October 23rd, we had a very special celebration at the mission for the blessings of 22 years. We also said thank you to six that have been with the mission for over 15 years, Porfirio, Arturo, Harvy, Yesica, Donna, and Benny.

Many continue to ask, how are things in Nicaragua? Last year was a difficult year in Nicaragua, but we thank God that the mission never closed and was able to continue to share and serve in 2019. Thanks to God, Mission Accomplished.

The mission continues to focus on three main areas: CHILDREN, MEDICAL, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE CHURCH.


Smiles-2019, this year we will send over 13,000 Smiles to Nicaragua and over 600 to Honduras. Kingdom Kids now serves almost 900 children in Honduras and Nicaragua. We have four child development centers in Nicaragua and with the Good Samaritan School in Catacamas, Honduras.

Kingdom Kids Nicaragua - Kingdom Kids Honduras

On Sunday afternoon in Jinotega and Apanas, we have a Children’s Outreach Program that serves over 100 children in each location. We have a joint venture with the Ministry of Education working with rural community schools since 2005 and have built or remodel over 45 schools.



The mission opened in October 1997 with a medical clinic as the outreach of the church in Jinotega, Nicaragua. That clinic remains open today with a full-time doctor, dentist, nurse, optometrist, and pharmacy serving almost a 1,000 people a month. We now have a new doctor in the clinic, Dra Crystal Zeledon. The clinic provides health support to the children in Kingdom Kids. We provide supplies and encouragement to seven Casa Maternas. Casa Materna is a place where ladies come from rural areas to be close to medical care for the birth of their baby. SUSTAINABLE LIVING-MPC is our effort toward community health and development with water filters, digging water wells, building latrines, planting gardens, and other things related to community health.



Striving to keep the main thing the main thing. To many, this is a hard saying, but it is true, Jesus is the answer, Jesus is the yes to this world. In 1997 we started working with one congregation, and now God has given the increase for us to serve over 20 congregations. The last congregation planted was this summer in Sierra Morena, thanks to the Medical Mission team from Sylvan Hills in Little Rock and Harding Pharmacy school. Institute for Preparation for Workers (IPO) started in 1999 continues to provide Bible training in four different locations. Our Aaron and Ur Ministry provides a time for preachers to come together for prayer and encouragement each month, and on September 14, the mission helps with a National Preacher’s day in Managua. We had over 400 preachers and their wives in attendance. Over the last few years we have distributed over 10,000 Bibles, and in 2020 we want 10,000 more printed. On December 21 the mission and the church in Jinotega with congregations across Nicaragua are coming together to celebrate 50 years of the Iglesia de Cristo in Nicaragua. The church in Jinotega continues to grow. The location for the church to meet in the south part of Jinotega is near completion with additional bathroom and classroom. Presently we have Sunday morning worship in both locations with the Children Outreach program and evening worship at the mission.


Other things God has blessed us to do:

Working with the Youth Judge with her Youth at Risk, Baseball/Softball Outreach (now have one boys team and four girls team), Soup Distribution, Hope for the River-serving the unserved on the Rio Coco on the border of Honduras and Nicaragua, and our Guest Missionaries-this year we have had 23 groups come to serve with us and presently have 27 scheduled for 2020.


North American Update

We are thankful, after a year delay, Travis and Mindy Stewart were able to set up home in Nicaragua. Mindy’s focus is toward our medical and our groups. Travis works with our Sustainable Living, Baseball/Softball, and our groups. Go to Colette Price’s Facebook page and see some major changes coming in her life. Donna continues to heal from surgery she had in March, and she continues to serve as the Sponsor Coordinator for Kingdom Kids.

  • As we start year 23 in Nicaragua/Honduras and as we move into the year 2020. We would ask each of you as you finish reading this letter that you stop and pray for two things. First, a prayer of thanks for God’s blessings that are exceedingly more than we could have asked or imagined. And second, a prayer for wisdom as we move into year 23 with 20/20 vision.
  • Consider sponsoring a child in Honduras or Nicaragua. Kingdom Kids Nicaragua - Kingdom Kids Honduras $39 a month can change the life of child today and for eternity.
  • Consider a Year-End contribution, you can do that through Pay-Pal, how you can help or you can mail a check to Misión para Cristo 525 N. Park Blvd Grapevine, TX 76051
  • Contact us to today to plan or schedule a group to come in 2020 or contact us today to at info@misionparacristo.com
  • Friend us on Facebook: Misión Para Cristo

Thanks again, for without God’s blessings of your support this mission would not be possible.

Because of Him: Benny
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