How you can help!

You can help Misión Para Cristo in several ways. The Mission depends on financial support from folks like you, will you consider contributing to help further the sharing of Christ in Nicaragua?

If you would like more information on how to come and help us in person, please contact us.


Prayer Requests

In every mission and ministry there are always times of evaluation and directions.  As we move forward to the future please join us in prayer for God wisdom, direction and focus as we continue sharing Jesus as we serve the people of Nicaragua.
  • The Hollands as they continue the adoption process of their son.  He has now been with them for a year.  The Ministry of Family has approved the adoption; but now waiting for the final approval from the judge.
  • Donna as she continues to heal from back surgery done on February 29th.
  • Our 2016 school year started February 1st. Pray for God’s blessing for this open door to lives of the children.
  • For us to be resolve whatever continues to delay the release of the Smiles containers. 
  • We also found out recently that we may no longer be able to bring in the soup containers.  Pray for resolve of all issues in regards to containers.  Since 1997 we have shipped over 100 containers of food/soup, medicine, school supplies, Casa Materna supplies, medical equipment, seed, and other relief supplies to Nicaragua.

List of Needs

  1. Help us build a latrine with $1,600 or come and help us build one for a family, a congregation, a community or a school.
  2. Our Institute for Preparation of Workers continues to expand.  We need your support for two locations:  Chinandega and San Jose Bocay.  $350 monthly is needed for each of those locations.
  3. Uplift Nicaragua.   Some of our funding for Uplift has been reduced. For us to continue to have this National Youth Day we need to secure an additional $6,000 to fund the day in 2016.  With the funding secure the 2016 dates has been set July 11.  Last year we had over 1,700 in attendance from over 80 congregations.
  4. We have the need of $375 a month to continue our garden project as we work with congregations, schools, nursing home and communities.
  5. We have been given another soup container to ship in May, the soup is free but to cover the cost of the container and expenses related to the container is $6,100.  Pray we find the solution to continue to bring these containers to Nicaragua.
  6. 40 sponsors are needed for all three locations of One Child Matters sponsored.  We are looking at the next two locations being Pantasma and Wiwili.
  7. Contact us today to come to your congregation and share the message of the church and mission in Northern Nicaragua.