How you can help!

You can help Misión Para Cristo in several ways. The Mission depends on financial support from folks like you, will you consider contributing to help further the sharing of Christ in Nicaragua?

If you would like more information on how to come and help us in person, please contact us.



As many looks at their year-end giving they ask are there any specific needs or challenges. And the answer is yes. We can only do what we do with God’s blessings of your continued support. Ways you can help:

  1. Completion of the building for the church in Pantasma -- $9,500 – we will be opening a new Kingdom Kids location in Pantasma when the building is complete.
  2. Completion of the building for a congregation in the south part of Jinotega: $7.500
  3. Funds for shipping of a soup container in January: $10,000 - The soup is free we just must pay for the shipping and distribution. The cost comes out to 3 cents a serving.
  4. Bibles – we are working on the purchase of additional 10,000 Bibles – total cost is $4.00 per Bible. That cost covers personalize contact information on the front cover of the Bible, printing and shipping to Nicaragua. This printing will also honor Glen Owens who work throughout Latin America.
  5. We need to reprint 10,000 of the first lesson of World Bible School with personalized contact information- $3,500
  6. Specific needs for Kingdom Kids Honduras – The School of the Good Samaritan –
    • Funds to hire a minister to serve the children, family, and staff – Salary and supplies -$600 a month
    • 10 computers for the computer lab - $375 per computer.
    • Purchase new textbooks for the 3rd to 6th grade - $6,200
    • Support for start-up cost for new P-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes $4,000
    • Sponsors –
  7. $7,200 to finalize the purchase of a van.
  8. School is out in Nicaragua and Honduras and we begin again in February. Over the next month we must address repair needs of some of our schools and the building in Honduras, $12,000 needed. Also, the beginning of the year brings the need for school supplies. Could you have a school supply drive at your school or congregation? We have a container that will be shipped out of Dallas in January. To purchase some uniforms, school supplies and books for the schools, we need $16,000.
  9. Children are one of our primary objective and support is needed to hire a full-time psychologist/counselor to work with the children and families in all our different outreach programs: Kingdom Kids, Hijos del Rey, etc. – Salary and supplies --$500
  10. General contributions: Above are things we can do with your support. But we also need general contribution to the mission as we end this year.
  11. And most all we need your prayers that we can continue to Share Jesus as We Serve Others…

We are asking your prayerful consideration of these needs and challenges. If you can help. Please send your check to: Misión Para Cristo – 525 N. Park Blvd, Grapevine, TX 76051 or by Pay-pal through our website and click on How to Help…

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.