Since 1997, Misión Para Cristo’s main objective has been to share the message of our Lord Jesus Christ with the people of Nicaragua and Honduras. To accomplish this task, the mission works with the congregations of the Church of Christ, other organizations, and local groups to serve the people of Nicaragua and Honduras. The areas of service the mission participates regularly - but are not limited to - are health care, feeding the hungry, providing shelter, caring for children, and education in the Jinotega and Matagalpa Regions of Nicaragua and in Catacamas, Honduras. To see the work and the people involved in serving, follow the work of the mission on our Facebook page.

Kingdom Kids

Sponsor a child today to change a life today and for Eternity in Catacamas, Honduras - Jinotega, Yali, Pantasma, and Apanas, Nicaragua

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The best way to experience what goes on here is to come visit yourself. If you are interested, we would love to have you.