Kingdom Kids - For Kids - For Kingdom - For Eternity

The mission started in 1998 helping 18 children go to school with program called "Just One More." In 2005, we opened our first school in El Attilo. Today, with Kingdom Kids Honduras and Nicaragua have The School of the Good Samaritan in Catacamas, Honduras, Apanas, La Hermita, Loma del Nance, Nicaragua. And provide additional support to 9 other schools with the Ministry of Education. All the mission's schools are certified by the Ministry of Education and all the teachers are certified teachers or individuals completing their teaching practicum. Kingdom Kids Nicaragua also has four Child Development Centers in Apanas, Jinotega, Yali, and Pantasma.  The children in Kingdom Kids receive food, medical/dental care, parasite medicine, vitamins and other services. Child sponsorship is $39 a month.  The mission goal with serving children remains the same today as it did in 1998, to be able to serve "Just One More."