I would start by saying thank you to all of you for your continued support but also thank from those you support.  God has given us a very broad platform to share the name of His son as we serve people in Nicaragua. Donna and I receive a lot of credit for the work in Nicaragua but the credit needs to go the Nicaraguans that do the work.  We are blessed to have a great team that includes the preachers and teachers we minister with that are not in this picture.  Our total team of workers in Nicaragua is 86 and will go to 92 as we open the new One Child Matters location in Yali in July.

The first Sunday in April we rejoiced with the baptism of Ricardo (one of our translators) and Rafael (who has gone to work with us in construction.)  In April and May we had the blessing of 12 baptisms.
With all the work we do in Nicaragua, our clinic, medical groups coming, projects, schools, containers, etc., we do with support and blessings of the Nicaraguan Government. We are thankful for Roberto Molina, our customs agent in Managua, who handles all our government paperwork. To Rebecca Mairena, my administrative assistant who puts all the paperwork in proper order and for Porfirio Molina, our Director of Government Relations, who does most of our interface with the government.  In April, we signed a new working agreement with the Mayor Office in Jinotega and in May we signed a new working agreement with the Ministry of Health.
In April, we had with us groups from New York, Illinois, and a nursing group from Texas Tech (the 3rd of 6 groups coming this year).

May 1st the congregation in Jinotega hosted Ladies Day for the congregations in the north.  It is always exciting to see work of the Nicaraguan encouraging each other spiritually.

In May, we had a groups from College Avenue in El Dorado that went on the river, a nursing group from Texas Tech that was with us for 11 days, and a group from Abilene.  Dr. Ed Enzor was with the group from Abilene, Dr. Enzor gave us support and encouragement with his leadership at Global Samaritan.  
Jack Eans, the VP for International Projects, and Onesimo, the Latin America Director, for One Child Matters were with us to visit the projects in Apanas and Jinotega.  They were also here for the approval of the 3rd location in Yali. Opening of the Yali Project will be July 8. Children Sponsor Packets for Yali will be available soon.  Both Apanas and Jinotega Projects had Mother’s Programs in May. 

The end of May we had the blessing of four interns arriving to work with us this summer.  Jamie and Jamey are returns from last year, Ben and Logan have been with us in past with groups.  Thanks to all that helps support them in their work with us this summer.
1. Jonathan and Sheila and the continued adoption process.
2. Vehicles:  We need to purchase a van and repair two of our trucks.  The white van, which has carried many people since 2005 now has over 150,000 miles. A used van will be around $24,000, we have received money to cover half of the cost of the purchase of a van. We also have to give two of our trucks major physical overhaul; the motors are both still good with over 125,000 miles.  We have had both trucks since 2007. The cost of the repairs will be around $5,000 per truck.   
3.  Please keep the Children’s Ministry, Sight for Sore Eyes, Hope for Life and all the congregations we work with in your prayers.
4.  The work with the Casa Materna continues to grow and expand.  Many ask what is needed.  The latest list from Janese…cloth diapers, bags to put everything in, sanitary napkins, ivory, baby wipes,  disposable diapers, socks, washcloths, bibs, baby body wash, and lotion.
5.  Contact today for other ways you can pray, encourage and support this Mission for Christ in Nicaragua.

Thanks for your continued support.  None of this would be possible without God’s blessings and your partnership. By you doing something, we doing something and God putting it together, we can do something we could not have done apart from each other.
Because of Him:  Benny and Donna
The April-May Newsletter is loaded with pictures for this edition. Please open the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.