How you can help!

You can help Misión Para Cristo in several ways. The Mission depends on financial support from folks like you, will you consider contributing to help further the sharing of Christ in Nicaragua?

If you would like more information on how to come and help us in person, please contact us.


Your help is needed to respond to the current crisis.

As we continuing our efforts to respond to the passing of two hurricanes. There are always stories that remind you on why we do what we do.  Rebecca in her post below shares one of those stories.  Thanks to God blessings of your support we have been able to provide.

* food, clothing and water to 783 families (80 more families to be given to today) in twelve communities in the Wiwili area.  Food distribute was enough for 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the family.
* Medical care to over 100 
* Baby bags to mothers.
* Placed five water filters (with supplies purchased for 600 more)
* Roof repairs.  
* Purchase $2,000 of supplies for the Northeastern Coastal area (to be distribute by the church in Managua).  
*  Friday, thanks to help of Joe Smith at Healing Hands, a container of dehydrated soup was shipped and scheduled to arrive in Nicaragua on the 12th. 
* This week we will be placing additional water filters and puchasing food supplies for another 500 families.

With the container of soup mix, we also have three other containers coming to Nicaragua with over 10,000 Christmas gifts we call "Smiles" for the children and other supplies, these were shipped before the hurricanes.  One is already in customs, one at the port of Corinto, and third to arrive around the 1st.

Rebecca, Director of our Casa Materna project, posted: We met four kids that they don’t have parents because their father killed their mom and some days later killed himself, it was a sad story to listen that, right now they are staying in a shelter with their grandparents and other relatives that lost their houses from the hurricane Iota. 

We are in a position to respond in remote area with our Nicaraguan staff.  We have the staff and transportation to move supplies.  We have been blest several times by the Embassy to do more during times like these.  Please let us know if there are resouces available that we might be able to secure to do more.  We have worked with the government for their approval, to make sure we would not have a problem with the distribution.

We are asking your prayerful consideration of these needs and challenges. If you can help. Please send your check to: Misión Para Cristo – 525 N. Park Blvd, Grapevine, TX 76051 or by Pay-pal through the button at the top of this page.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.