August 2012

I am starting this Newsletter as Donna and I travel back to Nicaragua. First, we want to thank everyone for your prayers, support and encouragement for Donna (and me) during her recovery from surgery in July. She saw the doctor last week and he was please with her progress and basically released her (she needs to go back when she is in the states for a follow-up x-ray).
A group from El Paso, TX finished our summer groups the first week of August. It was their first year to come and what a blessing they were. Two highlights of their week, one was eight baseball clinics and continued the distribution of the backpack and school supplies project to our school. And they left with one of the group members planning to help build a baseball field in one the communities we work.
This summer we were blessed to have 18 groups with 336 coming to Nicaragua to help “Share Jesus as We Serve people.”. It is time to start planning your group trip in 2013. We need you coming.
In August we finished the three grants from USAID with school construction, delivery of the schools supplies, and supplies for women’s health. The supplies for women’s health also include our mid-wife training in June, supplies for both the Casa Materna in Yali/ Pantasma and all the supplies necessary for Dr. Pena to do PAP’s screening in the clinic.

Our Nicaragua staff finished the construction of our third school (Chagüite Grande ) this year and started our fourth school.  Since 2005 God has blessed us the resources to build or remodeling 25 school locations. What a blessings. To know every student hears God’s word everyday.

When I returned to Nicaragua the first of August there had been the tragic murder of Harley Silva by a person from the United States. Harley had worked with the mission this summer and was the nephew of Porfirio Molina. His death was tragic but totally drug related. Because of the tragic nature of the murder and the high emotions in Jinotega the decision was made that all the North Americans would take some time away. There were never any direct threats or danger to any of us or to the mission; the decision was a precaution that we felt was necessary. Someone had done a crazy thing and we did not want someone else to do another crazy thing that could destroy what God has done over the last 15 years in Nicaragua. All our North American team is now back in Nicaragua ready to move forward. I do have one prayer request, September the 20th will the trial for the man who committed the murder, please keep Jinotega, the church, the mission and all of us in your prayers.

September is “SMILES” month—it is time of year to make your plans to be part of “A Smile for a Child at Christmas.” Last year, because of your help, over 9,500 “Smiles” came to Nicaragua. This year our goal is “Just One More…” You can print a copy of the “Smiles” brochure with all the details at, click on “Smiles” on the front page.

The List for August:

1. Led by Pedro Batres, we met with leadership from a few Managua-area congregations concerning the problem some Nicaraguan preachers are having in meeting their families’ basic medical and nutritional needs. We are working with them to develop a plan to help these families. Our goal is to present a plan at the National Meeting of Congregational Leaders, September 15th. One thing we were able to do immediately was provide several barrels of soap mix for distribution.

2. Our third container of soup arrived in Nicaragua in August... Our goal is to secure at least 3 more containers this year. The soup is free, but we must cover the cost of shipping and distribution, which is $8,500 per container. In 2011, we distributed more than 2 million servings; our goal for 2012 is more than 4 million servings. Please contact us on how you can help with these costs.

3. Global Samaritan in Abilene has another container of supplies ready for Nicaragua. This includes school and medical supplies, Bible material, etc. David and Esther said it is a very good container for Nicaragua. Funds are needed to cover the cost of shipping.

4. Bibles. We continue to ask you to consider helping us secure an additional 15,000 Bibles for Nicaragua. It costs $3 per Bible.

5. Glasses. One of the most exciting new things around the mission is “Sight for Sore Eyes,” a vision ministry developed by Jonathan and Sheila Holland. To expand this, we need more glasses. Please contact us on how you can help with these efforts.

6. We are still looking for a few more construction teams this fall. We are starting our fourth school construction project for the year and have two more planned. 

Thanks for the blessings and please keep the church in Nicaragua and this Mission for Christ in your prayers.

Because of Him:
Benny and Donna
The August Newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.