May 2012

For the last 8 years, Donna has worked to secure support for a Ladies Day on May1. The first six that the ladies from Jinotega attended were in Managua. However, the program was in Jinotega the last two years. This year was very special because the ladies in Jinotega planned the entire program, and Donna was asked to speak. It is special to see the maturing of the church in Northern Nicaragua. There were over 200 ladies in attendance from 20 congregations.

Some of the other highlights for May:
  • We had the 3rd session of the Institute for Preparation of Workers



  • Our summer interns arrived on May 28th. We have 5 here this summer working with us: Rachael A. Dansby, Sean-Brendan Lemmons, Margaret Coffman, David Reynolds and Christine Mauer.
  • Thanks to the continued support of Saturn Road congregation’s Harvest Sunday, we were able to make a trip on the Rio Coco to distribute food, work with 46 students in the institute in San Andres and to touch and encourage the congregations on the river. Additional trips are planned for July, September, and October. Continue to keep the opportunity to Share and Serve on the river in your prayers. 
  • In May, a lot of time was given to planning for the summer. Our first group arrived from Fort Worth Christian on the 29th and the Highway congregations arrive on May 31st for their 11th trip. We will have groups here until August 11th. Over 300 will be coming to Nicaragua to help us Share and Serve; what a blessing.
  • We were able to attend the OSAC/LARC meeting in Miami to continue to learn how we can provide better security information to our groups and others that travel outside the US to do mission work.
  • On the trip to the states, we were able to visit with those looking to be part of work of the mission in Nicaragua in El Paso, Miami, Picayune, MS, Deming, NM, Las Cruces, NM, Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Dallas and Houston. God definitely blessed this 10-day trip to the states.



We had a visit this month from the Rice Chapter of Engineers without Borders looking to do a service project with us.

  • We are continually blessed with students from Harding University. Josiah Pleasant, along with five students with NiMA, spent two weeks with us looking at ways they could help in developing new projects and expanding current ones. After their two weeks with us, they decided to spend the rest of June in Nicaragua working on other projects. They are pictured here after a meeting with former Vice-President of Nicaragua, Jose Rizo, whose home is in Jinotega.
1. We have requested support for an additional seven schools from the Ministry of Education. $350 a month supports a school of 35 to 45 students, a teacher, supplies, food, parasite medicine and vitamins. $20 supports an individual child, and 18 individual supporters cover one school. We also have requested help for construction or remodeling of schools in a number of communities. The new construction cost is $6,500 and the cost of remodeling is $3,000.
2. Most of the congregations we work with meet in rented locations. The communities of Wiwili, and El Cua have given the congregation in their community land to build. The church in Jinotega has purchased land in the southern part of Jinotega to start a new congregation. It will cost app. $6,500 per location for a 6 x 8 m building.
3. CONSTRUCTION TEAMS---could you help by putting together a team of 6 – 10? This group would build the location for the church mentioned above, another school, or a house.
4. BIBLES – BIBLES ---Thanks to everyone who has helped with funding the first 10,000 Bibles. We still need your consideration as we seek an additional 15,000 through WBTC/Bible League in Fort Worth.
5. We have been blessed with the funding of another food container that will be shipped in June, but we still need the funding for two additional containers. One of the containers has Spanish literature and materials, additional Bibles, vitamins and supplies, which are being gathered at Global Samaritan in Abilene

Thank for the blessings and please keep the church in Nicaragua and this Mission for Christ in your prayers.

Because of Him:

Benny and Donna

The May Newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.