February 2012

Each month we share with you what has happened in Nicaragua. Each month sharing these thoughts with you allows us to count our blessings—what God is doing through the blessings of your support. We say this often, but it is just a statement of fact, nothing happens in Nicaragua without God’s blessings and your faithful support.  Thank you.
The month started with a group from Huntsville, TX. This is Larry and Jan Cruse’s sixth trip. They stayed a month on their first visit, and since, have led a group for two-week long trips each year. We are also thankful for this group’s monthly support of a school and continual participation in our annual “Smiles” project. Last year, their help began the work on the school in Tomayunca, but didn’t see it finished. This year, they were able to help finish building the school that broke ground in January in Chimborazo. This school’s completion bumps the mission’s total of built or remodeled schools to 26 over the last seven years.

Las Escuelas de Misión Para Cristo

February 14 marked the first day of school in Nicaragua and the beginning of the seventh year of ESCUELITA DE MISION PARA CRISTO. This year, we opened with 32 schools with over 3,000 students, but our goal of being able to help “Just One More” community and child remains the same. We need your help in accomplishing that goal.  $20 month support a child and $350 a month support a school. This month we had our first Teacher’s Seminar for 2012 and introduced to them the new Character for Kids material.

Safety and Security In Latin America

Security and safety remains the primary question for all friends of the mission planning a visit. Good information is the most important resource for the safety and security of those traveling. Because of that, we are now working with Dr. Sherry Digman and Fang Protection Services to make sure that we consistently have the most current information. Benny is now serving on the Board of Directors of Fang. Because of this, he has become part of OSAC and LARC (Overseas Security Advisor Council and Latin America Regional Council). In February he traveled to Miami for meetings with both. We also both serve as wardens for the US Embassy in Managua for the Jinotega Department. We do this so that we can provide the best information possible concerning security and safety for our groups (and anyone traveling in Latin America).  

Hope For Life Team

Continue to keep the Henniger, Counts and Brown families in your prayers as they progress with the exciting sustainability project, Hope for Life. This month, they were able to purchase the first goats and finish their first goat house for the project. The first house is at the nursing home here in Jinotega, and the next house is being planned in Yankee with Reynaldo.

Casa Materna

Janese continues the mission’s work with the Casa Materna in Jinotega, Yali and Pantasma. She and a number of the ladies of the Jinotega congregation go weekly to the Casa in Jinotega and regularly to Yali and Pantasma, preparing meals and serving the ladies there.

Valentines Party

This month with couples from the church we had our annual Valentine’s Party. A special thanks to Jill Counts and the group from Huntsville in planning and serving for the special time each. None of us will ever forget Jimmy on his on his knees giving his flower to Marina. A special thanks to Johnny, Tessa and Niki in providing activities for the children.

Texas Tech Medical School

Since 2004, Dr. Patti Patterson, a Professor at Texas Tech Medical School and was with her husband Scott the founders of Olive Branch Ministries, has been coming to Nicaragua. What a blessing OBM has been to the mission and the church in Nicaragua! For the last few years, she has also been bringing or sending medical students from TTUHSC.  Our Medical Director, Dra. Judith Pena, working with Dr. Patterson has been putting together a working agreement hwith SALIS in Jinotega, UNAN, UCAN and the hospital in Leon. Last summer, Dr. Patterson came with two others to start finalizing those agreements. This month, she returned with Dr. Simon Williams, Dr. Janet Mitchell and Dr. Tedd Mitchell (the president of TTUHSC) to sign those working agreements.



The List:

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Thank for the blessings and please keep this Mission for Christ in your prayers.
Because of Him:
Benny and Donna
None of this would be possible without God’s blessings and your partnership… by your doing something, our doing something and God putting it together, we can do something we could have not done apart from each other. I Cor. 12-13/Philippians 1:3-5