December 2011

Usually our December Newsletter is more a review of the year and 2011 has been a tremendous year in Nicaragua, but we wanted to share more specifically about this December because it has been a month full of blessings.

The month started with Harvey, Tommy, Becky and Benny being able to travel to Honduras for Baxter’s graduation. It was joy to be able to with Eric and Maria, who did their Practical Ministry with us the first part of 2011, for their graduation and to see the girls. He was the valedictorian of his class. Also to spend some time with Sirhan and Xochithl who will be returning to Nicaragua in January to their Practical Ministry Assignment, as interns. Sirhan and Jergen will be in here the 15th of January. Some of your may remember them, she was our first Dentist and he was baptized by Tomas. Xochithl will not get to come immediately because she will be going to Arizona to undergo medical treatment. Please her and the family in your prayers.

Charles and Lynda Landreth were with us the first week of December to do our first Character Training Seminar. Lynda wrote the material to train educators how to teach character in Eastern European universities; the curriculum is supported by Eastern European Missions. We are so excited about have the material translated into Spanish. This will be our second year teaching character in our schools, but this will material will be new

The Institute for Preparation of Workers (IPO) met for our sixth session in December and we were blessed to have Arthur Puente from Sunset was with us. Arthur was able to meet with the institute directors and teachers to discuss future plans and ways we can do what we do better. Next December we will have our first graduation from the changes made to IPO and in January we will start our new class. With the IPO on the river we had 75 students this year preparing them for service to the church in Northern Nicaragua. This number does not include about 60 students that Luis Prada continues to work with once a week in the prison.

On December 10, we had the second class of Teethsavers graduated. This class included two students from Presidian in Honduras and Alberto’s son Luis. Thanks to Dr. Rudd and Teethsavers International and their partnership with us, a special for the work of Dr Bismarck and Alan for their leadership in with us. Teethsavers is a great example of how partnership leads to even greater good.

All the events above were only during the first half of December!

Thanks to the support of so many, more than 9,500 “Smiles” were shipped to Nicaragua. After weeks of delay the container from Arkansas arrived in Jinotega on the 21st and almost all of the “Smiles” were distributed before Christmas. The first distribution went to 125 congregations and 27 schools. We are waiting for the second container to arrive the first week of January.
On a personal note, in December Donna and I celebrated 37 years together. God was good to me…
The mission received tremendous blessings of year-end contributions. These contributions provided us the ability to respond and move forward on many different opportunities as we start the New Year including a river trip and two new construction projects (one school and one location for the church in Matagalpa) and addition supplies for the students to start the school year. As we say often, we could not do what we do what we do without God blessings of your support.

JUST ONE MORE: We ended 2011 with 27 schools with 46 classrooms and over 2,700 students. With your help, Alberto, our school director, says that number could be 32 schools and over 3,000. For that to happen we need your help for us to help “Just One More” student, school and community. $20 a month supports a child, $350 a month support a school. Please ask your friends who not year committed to our work at Misión Para Cristo to seriously consider partnering with us. Thank you!
We continue our drive for 25,000 Bibles for Nicaragua. The Bibles will be given to congregations to help with their evangelism, to children in our schools and to the Las Mercedes Hotel in Managua and Leon. The Bibles for the hotel will also have a bookmark one side about World Bible School and other side World English Institute contact information. The cost for each Bible is $3.00 to cover the cost of the Bible, shipping and distribution. We ask your help today to be able to ship the Bibles on a container out of Global Samaritan in Abilene the last part of January.
With the help of the Mitchell Center of Leadership and Ministry at Harding University, please join us at a benefit event call Tethered, to support the work in Nicaragua through Misión Para Cristo. The event will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday Night, January 19th, 2012 at Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For additional information: or contact Monique- (404)934-1398 or email on how you can help

Continue to follow the development of the efforts of the Hennigers, Counts and Browns.
Support for any of the above opportunities can be sent to Misión Para Cristo, 700 Garland Street, Plainview, TX 79072 or through our website using pay-pal.
Thanks for your continued support for this Mission for Christ in Nicaragua. Please continue to keep the church, the mission and us in Nicaragua in your prayers as we move into 2012…

Benny and Donna
The December newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.