January 2009

You have heard me say often, “more than we could ever asked or imagined”, about how God has blessed us over the last 11 years. When I first knew of the work of Olive Branch Ministries they were known as “Immeasurably More”, and that is the way we feel today as we have moved into the new year knowing how God blessed us in 2008 (http://www.misionparacristo.com/attachments/077_2008%20REVIEW.pdf), we look to 2009 with great anticipation. January 25 was the first worship service for the new congregation in Apanas/Dirangen. That brings to completion the goal set for this community when we started a school three years ago, started the construction two years ago, and opened the building a year ago. Sergio Castro and his family have moved from Bocay to start the congregation there to “Share Jesus as we Serve People in Nicaragua”. In May we will have a Medical/Evangelistic Campaign with Olive Branch Ministries to strengthen and to help grow this new congregation.

One of two great blessings to start the year was David and Kim Romero coming to work with us. They will be living in Matagalpa and working with Julio and the church there. They will also be working with the spiritual efforts of the mission in our goal to “Keep the Main thing the Main Thing.” http://www.missionnicaragua.org/aboutus.php The other blessing was the arrival of Sergio and Daysis Salazar and their son Douglas to work with us for three months. They are students from Baxter Institute doing their Practical Ministry Training with us.

In January we were able with Mike and Ann to be in Lubbock for Sunset’s Workshop and at the Medical Mission Conference in Dallas. Again this year we hosted with World Bible School and Olive Branch a Partnership Breakfast with over 50 in attendance. This month there was a lot of effort toward the starting of a new school year (Feb. 1). We will open in February with 18 schools and over 600 children. We were able to purchase new textbook/workbooks for each of the schools for the first time! Could you help us to help “Just One More…” school or child? We are excited to announce that in February the expansion of our Bible Institute working with Sunset International Bible Institute. We will be changing our Institute for Preparation of Workers from a Saturday program to a program that will meet a full week every other month. Our first set of classes will start February 16. Our goal remains the same, “Train Nicaraguans to Serve Nicaragua”. Luis Perez will be the Director and Ismael Olivas will the Co-Director. I cannot say enough about the work these men have put into this effort along with the help of Angel Vallecillo and Alberto Lopez. Thanks to God’s blessings and the support of so many, the final count for our “Smiles-2008” project was 7,368. Please contact us if you would like a DVD of the “Smiles” and to be part of “Smiles-2009.”

For your prayers:

Please keep Benny in your prayers as he will be having surgery on the 6th in Lubbock.
Medicine, we continue to be challenged by the need for additional medicine.
Prayers for the start of the New Year for both the Institute of Preparation of Workers and our shools.
Help with the support of new congregations.
For wisdom to respond the new and challenge opportunities put in front of us in 2009.
Consideration of helping us open “Just One More..” school or to help “Just One More...” child.
$350 a month supports a school and $15 a month supports a child. Thanks for your continued support of this Mission for Christ in Nicaragua. None of this would be possible without God’s blessings and your support.

Blessings in His name:

Benny and Donna Baker