April 2008

In April we continued with two more groups. Dallas Christian made their first trip to Nicaragua and Olive Branch returned for their 13th trip since 2004.

Olive Branch Ministries was here with the first of three trips they will have to Nicaragua in 2008. This trip was to Yali. Going to Yali marked a milestone in our work in the Jinotega Region in that we now how taken major efforts and planted congregations in every major community in the region (Wiwili, Pantasma, El Cua, Jinotega, La Concordia, San Rafael, La Dalia and San Jose Bocay). Five of these eight congregations were planted as part of Medical Brigades with Olive Branch (with their efforts we have planted a total of seven congregations since 2004). The school in Yali where we did the Medical Brigade has agreed to allow us to use their location for the congregation to meet, the first worship of the new congregation was held on Sunday, April 22. Financial support for this new congregation is needed.

God moves in exciting ways. The Global Food Crisis is truly a Global Crisis and it is affecting Nicaragua. Basic food items (rice, beans, salt, sugar, and oil) are available in Nicaragua but the cost has had a dramatic increase over the last ten months. Over the last couple of months we have been striving to secure food especially for the river area but with no success. This month God blessed us with over 100,000 pounds of food supplies, not only was the food donated it was delivered to Wiwili and all we had to do was be responsible for the distribution on the river. The main reason we received this food was because of how Ismael handled a smaller donation of food from this group last year. This month we continue to move forward with the seed distribution and will be having in May a seminar on growing gardens with the Minister of Agriculture.

Encouraging Water is one of the most challenging projects we are presently working on for the people in our area. This month we start Phase one of this exciting project to bring clean water to over 100,000 people in Northern Nicaragua our first distribution of water pots. In Phase One we will be distributing 1,000 systems pictured below.

Much of Donna time this month (when she wasn’t cooking for the groups) focused toward the Ladies Seminar (April 30th) and the Ladies Day (May 1st) A special thanks to all that helped with the financial support to make these days possible. Complete report on both of these days will be in the May Update. For pictures of the day you can go to http://mpc-works.smugmug.com/gallery/4839638_ZVn9v/2/288123455_8V3cb/Medium

Donna and the committee that planned both days.

The most exciting news of April the Lord adding 20 new brothers and sisters...

…four new sisters from Las Laureles.

This month God placed a opportunity in front of us that moved us all. His name was Greson.

Greson was a four years old with advanced cancer in the eye. His mother approached us for help in the cost of getting him to Managua for treatment. Thanks to your generous support we were able to help. The real of challenge of Gerson was when the doctors in Managua sent him back to Jinotega because they said there was nothing they could do and sent him home to die. And he did four days after returning to Jinotega. Dr. Pena with Gerson when he returned to Jinotega, what compassion she has for those hurting. The story of Gerson is one that challenges us daily in knowing that we are limited in what we can do but we are not limited in the ability to show compassion, provide comfort and in this case not healing but dignity in death.

One of the most exciting project for this year is the Literacy Project with Ministry of Education. The evangelist started their training for this new effort in April. Reynoldo in Yankea is the first of the preachers to be able to fully participate in this effort. .

THE LIST…Your help is needed…there are four request we have for your consideration this month…

  • Bibles for Nicaragua. We have raised around $25,000 of the $39,000 needed for the 13,000 Bibles for the literacy project, Spanish Bible Bowl, Bible Institute and evangelism. Please contact us today if you can, we are trying to get the Bibles shipped before the end of May. $3.00 per Bible covers the cost of the Bible, shipping and distribution.
  • Vehicles...we continue to make this request. As our summer groups and work project increase it becomes even more important and critical for us to replace two of our current vehicles. We have found both a van and truck for $18,500 per vehicle.
  • Financial support for the new congregation in Yali. $300 a month is needed for these new congregations.