June 2008

It is hard to believe that we are into the second half of 2008. We ended June as we started the month, with groups here helping us to share Jesus and serve people. As always the groups have and continue to be a great blessing to the work of the mission in Nicaragua. We just could not do what we do without their support and encouragement. All the groups worked with us to accomplish the goals of…

Trying to summarize June is very difficult in a short report. The month started with Highway here for their seventh trip to Nicaragua doing whatever was requested of them: started the house in Yanke, started the fence in front of the mission and other projects. Olive Branch Medical team was here with their second group of 2008 returning to Pantasma where they helped plant the congregation there in 2005. Two members of the mission committee from the Edmond church in Edmond, Oklahoma were with us for a couple days. The Maricamp Road congregation from Ocala, Florida was in Jinotega the week OBM was in Pantasma with mobile medical clinics, school visits and construction support. They had with them Oral Hygienist students and one professor from Orlando, FL. The month ended with the arrival of Summerville, SC and Johnson City, TN each making their third trip to Nicaragua and group from California to travel with Ishmael on the river to deliver food, continue our parasite project, supplies and to encourage the church in that area. Five of the interns traveled with them. Some numbers and accomplishments from the work the group’s work here in June:

1. Over 4,000 provided medical attention.
c Ocala Olive Branch
2. The students from Orlando did Dental Health Education and screening for over 400 children in our schools and one afternoon with Olive Branch.

3. A CPA from Highway worked with Modesta and Donna putting a new accounting system on Modesta’s computer.
4. Over 360 packets of schools supplies were distributed.
5. Work on 4 separate construction projects.

6. Supplies delivered to the Casa Materna.
7. Bible Seminar in the Prison and part of our Aaron/Ur Project with the evangelist with a Elder from Edmond, OK.

8. Help in moving into a new place for lodging and feeding of our groups.
9. A Dentist from Ocala, Florida blest our dental office with new supplies and plans to work to help us secure a new unit for the office.
10. One great blessing from both Ocala and Johnson City was the bringing medicine to leave with clinic. We also received a shipment of medicine from MAP International thanks to Terri Carbone, Utica, NY and those that helped with the cost of these medicines. Dr. Pena has a big smile on her face with the medicine she has available starting in July. With the medicine received we now have over the 60% of the parasite medicine needed for the children on the river this year.

For a picture review go to our picture site: http://www.mpc-works.smugmug.com/

Two other major activities in June were the Seed to Seed Word, Seed/Gardening Seminar and final plan distribution of the seed. These seed were a blessing from Children’s Med First. We also had an additional training seminar for our Community Health Promoters with Dr. Patti Patterson; she was here with Olive Branch and stayed an additional week. We now have 82 trained promoters.

We were blessed with the help of so many to compete the first phase of the Bible Project with the purchase and shipment of 13,000 Bibles and also securing an additional 4,279 Bibles for Nicaragua.


1. We continue to strive to put together the funds necessary to purchase two additional vehicles. Cost of rental in June was over $4,000.
2. Continuing the need to secure additional medicines. $300 purchased a medicine pack from MAP International.
3. We have additional schools ready to open with your help.

June was a full and successful month and it could have only been accomplished with God’s blessings and the support of those came and those give so generously so that this Mission of Christ can be accomplished.

Because of Him …
Benny and Donna