July 2008

As we look back over July, God has blessed us with another incredible month which included seven different groups coming to help with many different projects:

· We started with the group from Summerville, SC and Johnson City, TN finishing their week in Jinotega.
· Then a group from California on the river with four of our interns.
· Next was Uplift Nicaragua, with groups from Franklin, TN, Snellville, GA, students from Harding University and one teenager from the White Rock congregation in Dallas.
· The month ended with Pleasant Valley from Little Rock, AR starting their week.
· In the middle of the month Donna and I made a brief trip to the states for me to be at the Global Mission Conference in Dallas and Donna at the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Orlando. We had a display for the mission at both locations.

Some of the highlights for the month include:

· The construction of a house (community center in Yankea).
· The development of individual and community gardens.
· Building a bathroom in Jessica house, Jessica has worked with the mission for over four years.
· Starting the construction of Day-Care center in a community just east of the church in Jinotega. This will be a joint venture with another organization for the children.
· Starting a new effort with the Nursing Home that included painting.

You can see photo highlights of all the month and other efforts of the mission at our photo website…

But some of things we will remember the most of July 2008:

· Uplift Nicaragua 2008 with over 2,500 in attendance from 84 congregations.

· Presentation of Spanish Bible Bowl, Thanks to Big Three Bible Bowl, Spanish Literature, and WBTC for helping make this new project of learning possible for the youth in Nicaragua. The program and material was distributed to all congregations at Uplift Nicaragua.
· The receiving of 17,248 Bibles in Nicaragua. Thanks to everyone that gave so that we can move forward with the “Yo Sí Puedo” the Learning to Read Project, Spanish Bible Bowl, Bible Institute and other evangelistic project of the church in Nicaragua. Thanks to so many, on the 25th of July we were able to deliver the check to WBTC to cover the cost of the Bibles
· The church in Jinotega members involved in a week long campaign with worship each night. God blessings were three new brothers and sister from this effort. For the month in all the congregations there were 18 baptisms.
· The blessing of two additional vehicles. God is good.

Most of the time we report about what has happened but you also need know of the reasons why. One of those reason is Danelys (the one in the green shirt), many of you that have traveled to Nicaragua know her as Nellie and especially know her infectious smile. She is the center of this picture at Uplift this year and what a joy it is to know that God blessed us to help her reclaim a teenage life. We meet her first about three years ago, she was 13 in the Casa Materna having a baby. When the baby was born her family picked up the baby and abandoned her. Thanks to the Linscomb in Tulsa she was able her enter the first grade January 2006, that was a very special day followed by an even greater day when she baptized in the summer of 2006. Now she is very activity part of the church in Jinotega, teaching the children’s class and Ladies’ Bible Class, participation with youth and she attends the Bible Institute every Saturday learning more of God’s Word. So when people ask us why we do what we do, Danelys is definitely one of the reasons. Next month we will talk about another reason, Angel, the preacher in Pantasma.

July saw the departure of our interns for the summer. This was our third year to have interns with us: Tabitha, Mitch, Luke, Paige, Liz, David, Shawn, Jessica and Dan, they were a blessing. Applications are being accepted now for 2009.

A personal note for the month, Donna and I had the blessing of having the first of our grandchildren with us for a week in Nicaragua. Andrew’s daughter, Julianne, came with him for Uplift and stayed the next week.

This list:

* Funding for the Casa Materna and location for the church in Pantasma. An additional $25,000 is needed for the project.
* Funding for the Community Health Promoter Project, $1,350 a month is needed for a Director to work with Dr. Pena, supplies and training. We presently have 82 promoters trained.
* Funding for a Director of our Institute for Preparation of Workers. $350 a month.
* Funding for the Director of the Yo Sí Puedo Program. $250 a month.
* Computers for the prison.
* Hand tools and small equipment for the carpentry program in the prison.
* It is also time for “A Smile for A Child” at Christmas. Many of you have already received a mailing on this exciting project. Last year we were able to send over a 7,000 “Smiles” to Nicaragua, our goal this year is 10,000. We will be having two shipping locations this year: the Highway Church in Judsonia, AR and the Westgate Church in Dothan, AL. Contact us today on being part of this exciting project for children and you…

Sometimes people asked us how does the mission do so much. That is easy to answer, the great people we have working with us in Nicaragua. Mike and Ann Faris, Janesse Davis, the interns and our Nicaraguan staff: Agustin, Dra. Judith, Dra. Xotchia, Auturo, Luis, Diego, Alberto, Edwin, Modesto, Harvey, Marwell, Marina, Maria, the teachers and the evangelist in the congregations. In total we have 64 working with the mission in some area. But none of this would be possible without God’s blessings and the support of people like you.

Please keep us in your prayers as we strive to Share Jesus and Serve People in Nicaragua.

Blessings in His name: Benny and Donna