August - September 2008

August started with a mission team from Pleasant Valley congregation in Little Rock, Arkansas leaving on the 2nd. They completed the work on the bathroom that was previously started, began renovation and construction on a day care/learning center in our neighborhood including a mural, painted and planted a garden at the nursing home, created gardens in Apanas and made cinder blocks to support our construction projects. The best project was saved for the last when on Friday morning the group went to Apanas and went door-to-door to hand out Bibles to each home in the community. Over 300 Bibles were distributed.

Our last group for the summer was a group of 18 from the Grapevine and Heritage congregations. They finished the day care, painted the exterior of the church building in Matagalpa, and saw 800 patients in mobile clinics in three communities.

The mission had three special activities for our staff in August. On the 9th we had a Teacher’s Workshop and had a representative from the Ministry of Education present. Her participation validated the Ministry of Education’s appreciation for our work in the rural areas AND opportunity to teach Bible to each and every student. KEEPING THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING! A retired teacher from Florida gave T-shirts for each teacher and they each took two new literature books back to their classes.

David Romero did a two-day seminar in our Aaron and Ur ministry for our preachers. Every other month we strive to have a special two-day seminar to encourage the preachers. This is our fourth seminar this year. David and his wife Kim have been working with the church south of Managua for over three years. We are excited about the possibilities of this special couple coming to work with the mission in January as the Deputy Director of Evangelism and Spiritual Growth. Helping us in KEEPING THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING! Some of you may know David’s father, Joe Romero, who has worked in Nicaragua for many years.

On the 5th Mike, Ann, Donna and Benny hosted an Appreciation Luncheon for our office and clinic staff. They had all worked very hard throughout the summer side by side of the mission teams who came to serve. It was a fun time to relax, laugh with a gift exchange and a time to just to say thank you.

On August the 30th the Day –Care Learning center had its grand opening and the school opened for children on September 1st. This is the first major project for the mission in the city of Jinotega since we opened the original medical clinic. The school is located just a block east of the church and mission in Jinotega in the neighborhood called Sandino. This is joint a project we are doing with the community and a group called SOS of Nicaragua.

The 15th of September we helped support the annual Preacher’s conference. Over 250 preachers were in attendance from across Nicaragua at the Piedra Menuda congregation south of Managua. This is one of four things the mission does to encourage the church in all of Nicaragua. (Smiles, Uplift Nicaragua, and the Ladies Day are the other three activities during the year).

The last of August and most of September Donna and I have been in the states. We were at the Medical Mission’s Conference in Johnson City and ended the month at Harding for the lectureship. We were also able to be in Atlanta, Dothan, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, Houston, Nashville and Little Rock visiting with different congregations and individuals about the mission. We are blessed with the support of many in so many different places. In September we received confirmation of three new groups for 2009.

The last of September three third year medical students from Texas Tech University arrived in Nicaragua for a three-week rotation working with Dra. Pena and Dra Xochilte. They will be working in all aspect of our medical but especially working in our continued effort of developing a Dental Prevention Program, starting in our schools. Thanks to Dr. Patti Patterson helping put this together.

We are excited that our website is back on line thanks to the efforts of Brandon Tittle and Mike. Please visit the site often as we work to keep it updated with information and current activities; Also visit our picture website to see what is happening in Nicaragua;

We want to introduce you to our evangelist in Santa Marie de Pantasma, Angel Vallecillo and his wife Carmen.
The congregation was planted in Pantasma in 2005 with the help of a Medical Brigade with Olive Branch Ministries (one of seven congregations planted with our efforts with OBM since 2004.) Angel and Carmen were both baptized in that effort. Angel has served as the minister for the congregation for the last year and attends the Bible Institute in Jinotega on Saturday. Angel and Carmen have six children and seven grandchildren. They were originally from Managua. Recently Angel was asked to be part of the community committee for the future planning of the city of Pantasma.

This month we announce the plans for the development
El campo de Sueños (Field of Dreams.) Benny is pictured here with Angel at the gate that opens to over an acre of land given to us by the City of Pantasma to build a location for the church, a Casa Materna, a place for physical therapy for handicap children, a house for the evangelist and a new location for our school in Pantasma. Please keep this new project in your prayers. Construction on the project will begin in October with the building of the school and the foundation of the Casa Materna.

“Smiles” boxes have already starting to be delivered in both Highway and Dothan. I would still like to help with sending “A Smile for a Child” at Christmas, the Highway church will do boxes for you. Mail you check to the Highway Church, 128 Hwy Church, Judsonia, AR 72081. Note on your “Make a Smiles.)

Things for your prayers and consideration:

1. Benny pinched a nerve in his neck; please keep the healing in your prayers.
2. God has blessed us with about half the necessary funds for the Field of Dreams. Contact us on how you could help financially or by putting a construction team together to come and help us build for the future.
3. We are coming to the end of our 2008 school year; please keep this in your prayers as look how to better the serve the chil
4. We are in the process of finalizing our group schedule for 2009, come join us.
5. Please share this mission for Christ with others.

Thanks for your continued support!!! For without the blessing of God and your support it would not be possible for us Share Jesus and Serve People in Nicaragua.

Because of Him;

Benny and Donna