October 2008

October each year marks our annual anniversary of the mission in Nicaragua. The work of the mission with the church in Jinotega started with the Grand Opening of our first medical clinic October 27, 1997 and the clinic’s first full day of operations was on October 29. In eleven years of operation it is estimated that our Medical Outreach has seen over 250,000 patients and now sees over 40,000 patients a year. Our medical includes the full-time clinic in Jinotega, mobile clinics, work with the Casa Materna, medical brigades with Olive Branch Ministries (seven congregations have been planted with our efforts with OBM). We also now have 82 trained community health promoters, a seed project, boot project, Encouraging Water project, food distribution, and we are in the second year of a 3 year project to provide parasite treatment for over 10,000 children on river. This year we also continued the development of a Dental Prevention Program for the region. When you add to our medical outreach, our schools with over 500 children, the prison outreach and most importantly the work of the church and all of this helps us reach our goal of Sharing Jesus as we Serve People.

The month started with us being at the Harding Lectureship where we helped host for the third year a breakfast with Health Talents on Medical Mission Opportunities in Central America. The next week had the opportunity to do a seminar class at the Abundant Living Seminar on Telling the Story of Jesus.

October started in Nicaragua with three Medical students from Texas Tech University on a six week rotation working with Dr. Pena and our dentist, Dr. Xochilt. Their primary focus was the continuing development of our Dental Prevention Program that we started last year. They also were able to work in the clinic and do mobile clinics with Dr. Pena. A special thanks to Sheila, Amanda, Megan for coming and to Dr. Patterson who helped put this all together.

Saint Inez School Dental Education

A group from Huntsville, Texas arrived the first week of October to help with the construction of a bathroom for Alba and her family. The congregation in Huntsville helps with one of our schools and helps annually with our “Smiles” project. Thanks for all they do.

Ismael, the Director of the River Outreach, was able to return with five boats to deliver over 18,000 pounds of food, parasite medicine for the children, and conduct a Bible Seminar for the new congregations on the river. Thanks to you that helped make this trip on the river possible. We have two groups scheduled to travel the river next year, we need at least one more group. Maybe you could put together a group of 10 to 15 for the river, contact us for more details. It is an adventure.

We are working on a triangle agreement with the Ministry of Health and the Army that would allow us to get to areas in the Northern Jinotega Region and on the river. The agreement will allow a more direct way of getting medical supplies into the country and provide needed logistics in remote areas. This will also allow us to focus additional resources to both the medical and spiritual needs of the people. The agreement will be finalized the first of November for 2009.

Smiles pickup is almost completed. Our first container of “Smiles” was loaded in Dothan, Alabama the 28th of October. The second container will load out of Judsonia the first week of November. Our total for 2008 will exceed 7,000. God is good, thank you for allowing Him to touch your life for the children.

We mentioned last month the possibilities of David and Kim Romero coming and working with us, their primary focus will be working with the congregations in this area. They now are in process of making that move and will start their work the first of January. A special thanks to the Edmond church in Edmond, OK for their support of Kim and David. Please keep them in your prayers as they make this transition to the north.

In your prayers:

· November will see the end of the school year. God continues to open doors of opportunity to serve the needs of children. We need your help to expand our school outreach in 2009 by sponsoring at child at $15 or a school at $300 a month.

· In November Benny will be have an evaluation of possible surgery on his neck in Lubbock.

· The construction of The Field of Dreams in Pantasma. We still need to secure additional funds for the material for construction and those to come and help with the construction of the Casa Materna, School, place of worship, a place for the physical therapy of handicap children and home for the preacher.

· In March we are working to have a rotation from the PA Department at Harding. To accomplish this we need a US doctor in Nicaragua, would you consider coming to Nicaragua for week in March to work with us.

· Please contact us today on some other specific funding needs for 2009. We need additional support for the Prison Outreach, Hope for the River and for three new congregations.

· Plans for 2009.

· Please keep Ann Faris in your prayers as she recovers from knee surgery in October. She is recovering at their home in Virginia.

· Please share this mission to someone.

Thanks for your continued support for this Mission for Christ in Nicaragua.

Because of Him…

Benny and Donna