February 2013

Each month we try to send a glimpse of what is happening because of God’s blessings of your support in Nicaragua.  Each month as we try to express appreciation for your support we search for different ways to say thank-you.  This month let us say… Gracias por todo.
            I would like to introduce you to some of the staff that you might not have much time with when you are here.  There are those on our staff that you may know well from your time here, but it is Estella, Rebeka, Maria, Chavelo, Jessica, Marina and Angelita that make sure you are safe, comfortable, that paperwork is done, money accounted for and that you are fed. As I told them this morning they are just as important to what we do as those that go out every day.  Next time you are in Jinotega, make a point to let them know your appreciation for what they do for Nicaragua and for you.
           February started with a group from Huntsville, TX.  Larry and Jan Cruze first came in February of 2007 for a month and have brought a group each year since then, staying with us two weeks each trip.  One thing they do each year is help with the Annual Valentine’s party.

           Bob Burckle from the Grapevine congregation was with us a few days. This was Bob first trip to Nicaragua. Bob is one of the Elders at Grapevine. The Grapevine congregation over the last five years has become a major partner with us here.
IPO started this month with 6 locations, Jinotega, Waswali Prison, Chinandega, Ocatal, Rio Coco-- San Andres and La Esperanza. IPO now has over 300 students and a name change: IPONOC (Institute of Preparation of Workers North and West). Please keep this in your prayers. I have shared responsibility for this project. I don't know anything we do that is more important than this work. Please keep this expansion of the IPO in your prayers and contact us today on how you can help with this ministry of learning. We are in need of support for the location in Ocatal and the Rio Coco.
Over the last six months Luis Prada and Luis Garcia have been working to help those struggling with addiction.  This month, with Coleman Lemmons of Edmond, OK we had a seminar to prepare a team of workers to help address the tremendous problem of alcohol in this country. Of the 12 that are part this training, 10 know the problem personally and want to be able to help others to the other side. The seminar was the first step in the training and over the next 12 weeks Coleman will continue the training with video classes meeting each week. Pray that we are able to help others conquer addiction and to be able to make an eternal difference in their lives, their families’ lives and the lives of others they touch in the name of Jesus our Lord.
On our return to Nicaragua, Cathy Latta was with us.  As we arrived in Managua Dr. Perry     K ocher and his wife Ziva and LaShea Dowd were waiting for us.  Dr. Kocher had donated three mobile dental units which arrived on one of our last containers. With the help of his team, he ensured they were ready for operation. They were with us for three weeks serving our staff and completing several mobile dental clinics.  Dr. Perry’s first procedure was a root canal for one of our preachers.
In 2004 the Minister of Health in Jinotega asked if there was anything we could do to help with preventative dental care.  Thanks to Dr. James Holt, our first step was doing fluoride treatments.  Then we had the blessing of Dr. Pitts giving us the dental office (equipment and supplies) when he retired. Our first dentist was Dra. Xochithl Alonso.  Soon after, Dr. Patterson introduced us to Dr. Jack Rudd and Teethsavers who we continue to partner with today. Now Dr. Perry brings our Dental Outreach one more step.  One of the three units will be placed in our Dental office (which is being remodeled), one will be used by Dr. Bismark, and the third will be available for visiting Dentists to use in mobile clinics (hint, hint). 
  •  Funding for the expansion of IPO.
  • Can help us find 25 new partners for the mission and church in Nicaragua.
  • Needing to secure 2 male interns for the summer.
  • You can make it through our website using Pay-Pal or by mailing your support to Misión Para Cristo, Garland Street Church of Christ, 700 Garland Street, Plainview, TX 79081
Thank you for your continued support of the mission.   
Because of Him:
Benny and Donna Baker
The February Newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.