January 2013


   We started 2013 with the same encouragement and excitement we ended 2012.  In 15 years in Nicaragua we never have been more excited or looking forward to a new year as we are to 2013.

The first week of January we had our first trip to the Rio Coco. The main purposes of this trip were the distribution of “Smiles” to the children, dresses for the girls provided by “Dress a Girl” out of Lubbock, TX and planning the expansion of IPO to locations on the river.
We returned to Nicaragua joined my Michelle Drew. This was Michelle’s seventh trip to Nicaragua.  Michelle is a mid-wife and she spent two weeks here working with Dra Pena and the local health ministry learning more about the childbirth in Nicaragua.  Doelas Landes returned again this January with a small group that included his wife Rebecca.
            Donna and I returned to the states of the 15th for a two week trip that took us to Texas, Arkansas and Florida. In Dallas we were part of the Annual Medical Mission Seminar, Jonathan was also able to be with us at the conference.   In Arkansas for a couple of days, first in Jonesboro to visit with a group of student at Nettleton schools who are part of a mentor program and are interested in a trip to Nicaragua. Second was with a group at Sylvan Hills who are planning a trip the first of week of August and working on a container hopefully to be shipped in April, thanks to Ron Cook who is putting that together. On the 25th I was at the OSAC meeting in Miami. 

The picture is Reynaldo with one of the HFL designed filters. Hope for Life continues their distribution, development and follow-up of the new water filter. So far they have placed 12 filters in the Yankee community. Reynaldo is the preacher, a community leader and president of our Agro co-op in Yankee and also work with all of HFL projects in that community.
We continue with Dr. Chad Stephens the development of the Specialty Medical Clinic as part of our Medical Outreach.  We had luncheon at the Medical Mission Conference discussing the development of the exciting new project for health. The clinic will address medical needs that most people in Nicaragua have limited or no access such as Pain Management, Vein Therapy, Ophthalmology and Advanced Physical Therapy, These add to three other specialty areas that are being added to the Medical Outreach: Sight for Sore Eyes, PAPs, and dental. The new clinic will give Specialist the ability to come to Nicaragua and have a location to serve. 
  1.  School starts in February 11 in Nicaragua and we need to your help to be able to help “Just One More…“ child or school.  $25 month helps a child and $350 support school. 
  2. Could you help us help our staff’s children with necessary supplies they need to start school this year?  $3,600 is needed for us to be able to help with just shoes and uniforms.      They do not attend the mission schools.
  3. Working with Hope for Life, we would like to put a HFL Water Filter in each of the schools and congregations we work with.  Cost of each filter is $50.
  4. We are looking for sources and support for medicine for our clinic.  The cost of medicine and patients continue to increase.  This year we have seen a 50% increase in medicine needed for our full-time clinic, this clinic saw over 700 patients a month.  $1,600 a month is needed to purchase the medicine for the clinic.  Dra Pena and the work of this clinic is the anchor of our Medical Outreach.
  5. The Field of Dreams has started in Pantasma, the mayor’s office has prepared the land for construction and we have the funding for the supplies for the first building.  When finished there will be three buildings (location for the church, school/room for PT for handicap children and house for the preacher) and a park.  Please be in touch with us on how you can help us finished this project.
Thanks for the blessing of your support and encouragement

Because of Him:

Benny and Donna Baker       
The January Newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.