July 2012

We started the month with a North Atlanta and Summerville with us. We are always blessed by these groups, as we are with all the groups that come to serve with us. Also with us this week was Margaret Coffman’s, one of our interns, parents.

One of the highlights of this group was a Children Day in San Ramon working with the congregation that was planted there last month.

They were followed by 4TH Ave, Franklin, TN, Clovis, NM, Kilgore, TX, Harding University and Salem, MO.

One highlight of the summer was the building a house for the neighbor of Luis Gracia. Three groups worked on the house but the story is who provided the funds for the house. The funding was raised by 10 7th grade girls in Clovis, NM who wanted to a build house in Nicaragua. You will need to contact them on how they accomplished the goal, we just received the blessing and a family has now has place to call home.

On July 14th we hosted the 8th Annual Uplift Nicaragua thanks to Harding University.. This year there were over 1250 youth in attendance. The day was filled with many different activities: Singing, Regional Bible Bowl competition (finals will be in Jinotega on September 8th), Bible classes, lessons from God word and a presentation from Harris III. Also the regional Bible Bowl competition was held, the finals will be in Jinotega on September 8th. A special thanks to Julio Ruiz, Alberto Lopez and Jorge Noroji who lead the team of Nicaraguans who organized and directs the day. It was a blessing to all.
July 15th I had the opportunity and privilege to be back in the states to be part of Homecoming at the Action church in Michie, TN. I tell people I have been part of this church fellowship since nine month before I was born, that was the congregation my mother took me. It was a very special blessing to be part of the day.
Grapevine church in Grapevine, TX was the next group that came to join us. Bill Huston says that a good day in Nicaragua is when you get to play with the kids. But there was a lot more to their trip than just playing with the children but there was plenty of time for that too.

Following Grapevine we had with us Windsong from Little Rock (the former 6th and Izard congregation) and from Golf Course Road in Midland. This week be started the distribution of over 3,000 Back-Packs filled with school supplies. The Back-Packs was provided by a family in Dimmitt, TX and the school supplies by USAID.
Our final group of the year was from Saint Clements in El Paso, TX. One of the highlights of their week was doing baseball clinics and the continue distribution of the back-packs and schools supplies.
Thanks for support, encouragement, and prayers during Donna’s surgery in July. A special thanks to Dr. Larry and Linda Kjedgaurd, his staff, the staff at Southwest Surgical Hospital, especially nurse Jennifer, and for the Huston who provided recovery lodging.
This month we were sadden with the death of Janice Davis’ mother, Geneva Bailey. I meet the Bailey’s nearly 40 years ago and knew them before I knew Janice. Her mother always had a smile and word of encouragement when we were back in Plainview. Also this month we mourn the loss of Scott Zapalac, Scott was killed in a car accident. Scott with his wife, Dr. Patti Patterson, was the founder of Olive Branch Ministries. I meet Scott for the first time in 2004, when he came to Jinotega to consider it is a possible trip location for OBM. We were at a point of decision with the mission at that time, to try to go full-time or let someone else lead the mission. It was from Scott’s STRONG (Scott did not know how do things softly) encouragement and support we made the move to full time three months later. Our first month salary when we went full-time was paid for OBM. Scott will always have a special place in the history of this Mission for Christ in Nicaragua.

The List for June:
1. Led by Pedro Batres, we met with leadership from a few Managua-area congregations concerning the problem some Nicaraguan preachers are having in meeting their families’ basic medical and nutritional needs. We are working with them to develop a plan to help these families. Our goal is to present a plan at the National Meeting of Congregational Leaders, September 15th. One thing we were able to do immediately was provide several barrels of soap mix for distribution.

2. We are finishing the distribution of our second container of soup mix this year and have a third coming to Nicaragua in process. Our goal is to secure at least 3 more containers this year. The soup is free, but we must cover the cost of shipping and distribution, which is $8,500 per container. In 2011, we distributed more than 2 million servings; our goal for 2012 is more than 4 million servings. Please contact us on how you can help with these costs.

3. Global Samaritan in Abilene has another container of supplies ready for Nicaragua. This includes school and medical supplies, Bible material, etc. David and Esther said it is a very good container for Nicaragua. Funds are needed to cover the cost of shipping.

4. Bibles. We continue to ask you to consider helping us secure an additional 15,000 Bibles for Nicaragua. It costs $3 per Bible.

5. Glasses. One of the most exciting new things around the mission is “Sight for Sore Eyes,” a vision ministry developed by Jonathan and Sheila Holland. To expand this, we need more glasses. Please contact us on how you can help with these efforts.

6. We are still looking for a few more construction teams this fall. We are starting our fourth school construction project for the year and have two more planned.

7. “SMILES”—it is the time of year to make

your plans to be part of “A Smile for a Child

at Christmas.” Last year, because of your

help, over 9,500 “Smiles” came to

Nicaragua. This year our goal is “Just One

More…” You can print a copy of the

“Smiles” brochure with all the details at

www.misionparacristo.com, click on

“Smiles” on the front page.


Thanks for the blessings and please keep the church in Nicaragua and this Mission for Christ in your prayers.


Because of Him:
Benny and Donna
The July Newsletter is full of pictures and information on all the things going on around the Mission. Please download the PDF version to see more pictures and read about all that is being done.