September 2011

The highlight of September was the arrival of the Counts, Henniger and Brown families as they start a new project with the mission, “Hope for Life.” Please keep them in your prayers as they strive to find a place to call home; house hunting in Nicaragua is not easy.  Pictures of all the families can be seen in the PDF version below.

September was marked with traveling the states. We had the opportunity to visit with congregations and individuals in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Colorado and Arkansas. It was a month of blessings and encouragement. It was great to be with the congregation at Hampton Road in Texarkana, which has been a partner with us for almost 10 years. Hampton Road (Rose Hill), with the congregation in Minden, was the first to be part of our annual “Smiles” project.

We have been asked by the Las Mercedes Hotel management to help place Bibles in the rooms in both their Managua and Leon hotels. Bookmarks for the Bibles will have information on World Bible School, World English Institute and contact information for the mission. The first Bibles were delivered to the hotel in September for the hotel staff. Details on how you can help with this effort will come soon.

We have been working for some time to develop a language school for learning both English and Spanish. The school started in July with Tania as the director, and Rebecca Molina is responsible for translating material for the mission.

Each September 15th we help support the National Leadership Conference. It was held in Jinotega four years ago; this year it was in Masaya. Bob Brown spoke on the theme, a leader’s responsibility to unity. Over 200 attended. Pedro Batres started the conference nine years ago and continues to lead the committee.

1. Dr. Jack Rudd of Teethsavers became very sick while on a trip to Sierra Leone. He has returned to Lubbock but please keep his complete recovery in your prayers.
2. We need 3 to 6 teams of 6 to 10 people to come in the next six months to help with ongoing construction projects led by Jimmy. The trips would need to be from 7 to 10 days. The in-country cost per person is $575.
3. Please keep the Hennigers, Browns and Counts in your prayers as they make their transition to Nicaragua.
4. “Hope for Life” needs support. It costs $250 to purchase a goat for the sustainable living projects.
5. The city of Matagalpa has given land for a new congregation there. We need $4,000 to build a small building for the congregation to meet. They must build something in the next three months or they will lose the land.
6. Bibles for Nicaragua; details will come.
7. We need 10,000 toothbrushes for Teethsavers
8. We need funding for two additional Smiles containers.
9. The new congregation in Yali needs $300 a month in additional support.
10. This month, we submitted a major funding proposal to expand work on the river. With that proposal, we also need $450 a month to expand the Institute of Preparation of Workers in San Andres. Two teachers will go to San Andres every other month for a week at a time; the next trip is Oct. 24. The funds will be used for transportation, food and supplies. We need Bibles and to develop material in Miskito and Sumo. We also need $2,000 to purchase a portable projection system, the same that was used on the river in August, one of the main purpose of the system will be for the institute.
11. Contact us for complete details on the expansion of ESPERANZA DEL RIO.
12. We have already started receiving our group commitments for 2012. Please keep us informed regarding your group’s coming to Nicaragua next year.
13. Janese Davis, who works with the Casa Materna, will be sending out a newsletter specifically concerning the work. Please let us know if you would like to receive those email updates from her.
14. Most of all, please keep this mission in your prayers, especially in giving thanks for God’s gracious blessings. We know though, that with God’s blessing Satan will always look for ways to challenge.
The end of September was the beginning of our “Smiles” program for 2011. Currently, we have over 4,000 “Smiles” in Arkansas. Two containers will be sent in the next month. Pictured is the pickup from the students from Lamar Middle School in Flower Mound, Tex. They packaged over 600 smiles boxes this year.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement….please continue to keep the church, the mission and us in Nicaragua in your prayers.

Because of Him: Benny and Donna

September 2011 PDF

The  September 2011 Newsletter is full of pictures of all the things going on around the Mission.  Please download the PDF version to see what is being done.