September 2010

“Rain, Rain go away come again some other day”….I remember that little phrase from when I was a kid and wanting to go outside. Today it comes to mind because of the continued problems rains have given Nicaragua and all of Central America this year. The rains have lessened but have not gone away. (Possible storm is developing off the east coast as we prepare this report, pray it doesn’t.) Thanks to Alberto Lopez, Sergio Salazar, Porfirio Molina and Dra Judith Pena as they have worked together to plan and execute our plan of response in Nicaragua. Thanks to each of you that have made our response possible with your support that has allow us to this point serve over 500 families with food, supplies and medical attention. We have shipped one container of food this week (A partnership with six groups lead by Hunger Plus and FMSC who made this shipment possible.), one to be shipped in two weeks and we are working on three more that includes our annual “Smiles” boxes. We continue to look for additional food, medicine (we are starting a drive for over-the-container medicine that will be shipped with the container out of Abilene next month) and supplies. Go to our website for continued updates of the challenges and response God is blessings us to do in Nicaragua. Please continue to pray as we respond to the needs caused by this year’s rains in Nicaragua. Some specific ways you can help:
- Shipping and distribution food --- $ 8,000 ( we have funding for all the containers except we have been given a container of Dehydrated Fruit that will be ready for shipment in two weeks and a possible container of beans in November).
- 5 Mobile Clinics --- $ 5,000
- Community Help Promoters supplies $ 6,000
- Help with a drive to secure basic first aid items for our community health promoters. Contact us for a complete list of those items. They will ship from Global Samaritan in Abilene in November.
- Black Plastic --- $ 4,000 (to at least rebuild what they had and do more in the future)
- Food Purchase --- $ 5,000
- A majority of people in Northern Nicaragua live on dirt floors, we are working to help some to have a have a floor in their homes…6x6 concert floor cost $300.
- Come and help in Nicaragua with distribution of food, mobile clinics and rebuild of homes. The planning on some to come the week of November 7 and 14 and the first two weeks of December. Let us know when you can come.
Your financial support can be sent to Misión Para Cristo, Highway Church of Christ, 128 Highway Church Road, Judsonia, AR 72081 (marked Rains) or an immediate secure contribution can be made through Pay-Pal on our website:

Our Institute for Preparation of Workers met in September with both our first and second year students together for the week., we now have a total of 42 students in both classes. Second year group is pictured here. Thanks to Luis, Alberto, Sergio and Angel that lead the direction of the school.

On the 15th of September was the XI Encounter Leadership conference. This year the congregation at Villa Alemania in Managua hosted the conference with over 300 preachers and wives in attendance. Pedro Batres started this conference over ten years ago and continues to be part of the leadership team for the day each year. The day is schedule each year on September 15, a national holiday in Nicaragua. We are blessed to have a little part in the support of this program each year and hosted the conference in Jinotega four years ago.

In September Olive Branch made their fall trip for the river but because of the rains the journey to San Andres was not possible. Working with the mayor’s offices in Pantasma, Yali and Jinotega they were able to go to five different communities to make a difference. They came with a group of 10 medical and support personnel on September 17th and departed on September 26th. During the week working with us they provided medical treatment and eyeglasses to 1,607 people. We know today there are three babies alive because RAINS changed our plans from the river to the communities.
Pick up is complete, thanks to all that have made our “Smiles” project for this year a success, containers will be shipped the end of October. There is still time to plan to come and join us in December for that distribution.
Thanks for your continued support. As we say every month, “We could not do what we do without the blessings of God and the support of people like you.” May God continue to bless our partnership together.
Because of Him: Benny and Donna Baker

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The September 2010 newsletter is chocked full of pictures of all of the things going around in Nicragua this time of year, please download the PDF version so you can see what is being done!