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Misión Para Cristo’s main objective is to share the message of our Lord Jesus Christ with all the people of Nicaragua. To accomplish this task, the mission works with the churches of Christ, other organizations, and local groups to serve the people of Nicaragua. The areas of service the mission participates regularly - but are not limited to - are the areas of health care, feeding the hungry, providing shelter, caring for children, and education in the Jinotega and Matagalpa Regions of Nicaragua. To see the work and the people involved in serving the people of Nicaragua, view our numerous photo galleries at photos.misionparacristo.com.

2016 Challenges

As we come to the end of 2015, we are overwhelmed with all the support and encouragement from so many for the mission and church in Nicaragua.  A true blessing from God.  As we come to the end of the year and move into the new year, we have some challenges and needs. Below are four of the most pressing challenges as we move into 2016.

1.    We must address vehicles.  The need to replace the white van with another passenger van.  We have had our white van for eleven years and it has over 200,000 miles and needs a new motor, $5,000, with the repair we will turn the white van into a utility vehicle.To purchase a used one similar to the green van would be $24,000. We have had our three pick-ups for eight years and have done major repair on two of them this year and need to put a new motor in the Chevy, $5,000, and do body work on the gray truck, $2,500.

2.    Bibles.  Have a goal of 30,000 Bibles, our first 10,000 were ordered in October and we need to order the second 10,000. In 2016 the goal is to provide a Bible for every prisoner in jail or prison in Nicaragua. We need $30,000 for the second 10,000 ($3 per Bible) we would like to order in January. To date have raised $6,500 toward the second 10,000.  These are the Bibles that we have been using and distributing in Nicaragua for over ten years.  The Bibles will have contact information printed in the Bibles for Nicaragua similar to the World Bible School lessons we had done last year.

3.  Food and Nutrition… one of our goals in 2016 is to expand our garden project.  Child Meds First has agreed to supply the seed, with the first shipment to arrive in January.  Ricardo is responsible for the project.  We need $650 a month for the support for Ricardo and expenses for the projects.  We need to secure another soup container through Stop Hunger Now, the cost of the container and distribution is $8,000 and to secure a pallet of Mana Paste from Mana Nutrition for severely malnourished babies and children.
4.School is out in Nicaragua and we begin again in February.  Over the next month we must address repair needs of some of our schools, $12,000 needed.  Also, the beginning of the year brings the need for school supplies.  Could you have a school supply drive at your school or congregation?  We have a container that will be shipped out of Dallas in January.  To purchase school supplies and books for the schools, we need $14,000.
Because of the blessing of the support of many our basic monthly operating budget is covered, but the challenge with the list is that it is above operation budget. As you consider your year-end contributions, and we know you have many requests. We prayerfully ask your consideration with these challenges and to share it with others that you know have a heart for the church, missions and Nicaragua.

Contribution can be made to Misión Para Cristo, C/O Grapevine Church of Christ, 125 N Park Blvd, Grapevine, TX 76051 or using PayPal through our website: www.misionparacristo.com.
Special Note: Please contact us for the 501c status of the Grapevine Church of Christ if needed.

We know that everyone is not in a position to help financially but we ask your prayers for the challenges and please share it with others.

Because of Him: Benny Baker 

A Smile for a Child at Christmas

A Smile for a Child at Christmas - NicaraguaThe 'Smile for a Child' program is intended to bring a smile to thousands of children’s faces at Christmas time in Nicaragua. In a country as poor as Nicaragua, this program brings joy to thousands of children each year.

Started in 2001, thousands of generous and loving people have made it possible to distribute now over 10,000 Christmas boxes to children across several regions of Nicaragua each year! In 2012 alone - with the help of so many of you - we were able to distribute 11,036 Smile boxes! Every year has been a success but we need your help to keep it going! Download our new Smiles brochure (3MB); start a campaign in your church or neighborhood; send it to your familiy and friends; and help us reach just one more!

Serving Children

The mission started in 1998 helping 18 children go to school. Today, the Mission operates 27 schools with 47 classrooms with over 2,700 children enrolled. The children in the mission's schools also receive food, medical/dental care, parasite medicine, vitamins and other services. A school can be supported for $350 per month and a child for $30 per month. All of the mission's schools are Certified by the Ministry of Education and all the teachers are certified teachers or individuals completing their teaching practicum.  Our goal remains the same in 2015 as it was in 1998: to be able to send “Just One More!” Can you help?

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